Nail Art Simplified.
Fun tutorials, creative ideas and way too much glitter!

Finally tried out the spun sugar nails technique.  Super cute, but the clean up took forevvveeeeeeerrrrrr!

Day 27 is Inspired By Art and I just knew I had to do this graffiti cathedral by Banksy!

Leopard neon half moons!  Tutorial here!

Geometric print for Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge!

Mermaid nails for Day 15 (Delicate Print) of the 31 Day Challenge! <3

My 31 Day Challenge nails this far.  I just love this challenge so much.  I can already see myself pushing my creativity and improving technique.  I’ve always heard to improve at something you have to do it for an hour every day and this challenge always brings me to a new level.  I love it!!

Tutorial for some cute, easy pineapple nails!  &lt;3

Tutorial for some cute, easy pineapple nails!  <3

Asker mathmartin Asks:
Hey! I do a lot of nail art and i paint my nails a lot too. Do you have some suggestions of top coat that dry fast ( ain't got time to wait) and that is effective? I love you!! ❤
nail-art-101 nail-art-101 Said:

Love you too!!  I swear by Seche Vite top coat.  It dries so fast and makes your nail art look like it has a layer of glass over it!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Heyyyy!!! Luv nail art!!! I have so much trouble painting on my right hand.... Any advice????
nail-art-101 nail-art-101 Said:

Be patient, take it slow, do it a simplified version and just keep practising.  You will get better with time!